Get Involved

The MIS program desires the involvement of corporate sponsors to get involved in the classroom. A corporate sponsor would engage with students within the MIS program by participating in projects, virtual lectures, in-person lectures and in-class simulations. The required courses that are offered include programming, database administration, data communication, systems analysis and design, and finally Capstone. Additionally, the MIS program elective courses offered include decision support systems, application and information architecture, applied cybersecurity, organizational cybersecurity, and enterprise consulting. Each of the courses offered incorporate industry experience to prepare students for their future careers within the industry. The corporate sponsor will be requested by a faculty member to participate in an experiential learning event.

A previous Capstone project focused on a nonprofit organization. The organization collects information about masters programs and Ph.D. programs around the nation with a goal to have the most up-to-date database of information. The Capstone team was presented with the opportunity to improve upon their live site, specifically the analytics search page. The objective was to create a new search page with a simple UI so that any user can search for an analytics program. The project was a success and also introduced a completely new page and functionality to the live site. This functionality would give the analytics programs an opportunity to update their own information barring verification. Throughout the semester, the capstone team gathered requirements and delivered the product.

If interested in getting involved and becoming a corporate sponsor with the MIS program please contact:

Jeff Lucas